Young_guns Level Membership

Young_guns Level Membership
Junior Gunners Membership 2017/18

Ticket Rights

Great ticket access

As a Young Gun you have the opportunity to purchase tickets in the Young Guns and Family Enclosures up to two months before a fixture!

Up to 14,000 Tickets in the Young Guns Enclosure: Every weekend, Premier League category B and C home game tickets are available in the Young Guns Enclosure – exclusively for Young Guns Membership level ( aged 14 upwards). There are up to 1,000 available for each game. Tickets are only £10.

Up to 100,000 Discounted Tickets for the Family Enclosure: There are tickets available in the Family Enclosure for each home game and Junior Gunners can purchase tickets with up to two adult Members two months before a fixture.

Please note that the adult must be a Silver Member to purchase within two months prior to the fixture, Red Members can purchase one month in advance of the fixture (subject to availability).

Additional Ticket Access: Once tickets are sold out in the Young Guns and Family Enclosures you are still able to purchase full priced tickets in other areas of Emirates Stadium (subject to availability).

With the Club's Friends and Family option, you can also purchase multiple tickets on your Membership number for certain matches throughout the season outside of the Family Enclosure.

Silver Membership Waiting List

As a Junior Gunner you are automatically added to the Silver Membership Waiting List on joining.

This means that when you are too old to continue being a Junior Gunner you will move to Cannon Membership, which continues to provide access to tickets in the Family Enclosure.

You will remain a Cannon Member until the Season you turn 19 years old on or before 31st​ August.

For example:

  • If​ a Member has been a Junior Gunner since birth, on leaving Cannon they will be regarded as being on the Silver Membership Waiting List for 19 years and will be further up the waiting list.
  • If a Silver Membership is not available and the Member declines a Red Membership they will lose their place on the Silver Membership waiting list. If they were to rejoin after one or more seasons without a Membership they would be added to the waiting list as a new Member and be allocated a place on the waiting accordingly.

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