Young_guns Level Membership

Young_guns Level Membership
Junior Gunners Membership 2016/17

Ticket Exchange

Ticket Exchange gives you an even greater chance of attending the games you want

Make the most of your ticket rights with the Arsenal Ticket Exchange

The Arsenal Ticket Exchange was set up to enable Arsenal Members to buy tickets from season ticket holders who are unable to attend home games.

Ticket Exchange benefits:

I​ncreases ticket availability for Junior Gunners, Cannon Club, Red and Silver Members. This season over 70,000 tickets were made available via this service.

T​icket Exchange gives Members a secure and convenient way to purchase tickets from Platinum and Gold Members who are unable to attend the game.

How does it work?

If Season Ticket holders are unable to attend a game, they are able to place their ticket on our Ticket Exchange service which opens once a game has sold out.

These tickets are then available for purchase by Junior Gunners, Cannon Club, Red and Silver Members who do not have a ticket but want to attend the game.

The Ticket Exchange transaction is entirely automated. Once a Member has successfully purchased a ticket from this service they will have their Membership cards activated to gain access to Emirates Stadium. Members will be reminded of seat location details by e-mail.

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