Young_guns Level Membership

Young_guns Level Membership
Junior Gunners Membership 2017/18

How To Buy Tickets

Purchasing tickets

Tickets go on sale to Junior Gunners two months in advance of a fixture. Please note that the adult you are applying with must be a Silver Member to purchase two months prior to the fixture, Red Members can purchase one month in advance of the fixture (subject to availability).

Membership cards

You will have been issued a Junior Gunners Membership card on joining, please retain this card and it will allow access to Emirates Stadium upon ticket purchase.

If you have lost your Membership card please telephone t​he Contact Centre on 020 7619 5000 (option 1) who will arrange for a new card to be sent to you once your renewal is completed. There is a £10 charge applied for new cards.

Young Guns enclosure

Concession tickets in the Young Guns Enclosure are available for weekend Premier League Category B and C games and can be purchased up to two months in advance. These tickets can be purchased by Junior Gunners who are in the Young Guns Membership level aged 14 and upwards). One ticket per Membership can be purchased.

Family enclosure

Concession tickets are available in the Family Enclosure only and you can apply by yourself or with up to two Silver Members two calendar months in advance of a game (or one month in advance if you are applying with up to two Red Members, subject to availability).

To purchase tickets in the Family Enclosure and Young Guns Enclosure, please book online at ​or telephone the Arsenal Contact Centre on 020 7619 5000.

General admission

If you cannot get a ticket in the Family Enclosure because they are sold out you can purchase a full-price ticket for other areas of Emirates Stadium.

To buy tickets in these areas visit the ticket section of and login using your membership number and password, then follow the instructions on screen.

If the match is a sell-out, our Ticket Exchange service offers you further ticket availability, outside of the Family Enclosure, from Season Ticket holders who are unable to attend the game. For more information visit

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